Kombucha: The Perfect Alternative to Alcohol


As I write this, we are halfway through sober October and it’s a good time to reflect on how we are doing and what’s working.

On a personal level, I am now enjoying some deeper sleep and some more energy (I snuck in a mid morning run) as well as appreciating the change in the seasons. Pumpkins & Halloween looming is especially soul warming.
It probably goes without saying... but we are drinking quite a bit of kombucha this October.  
If I reflect on it, the same reason that I started making kombucha 10 years ago, is the same reason I drink it today.  
It is a genuinely fantastic alternative to alcohol and here are the reasons why:

Why kombucha is the perfect alternative to alcohol


Kombucha has body - that viscosity means it sits on the tongue for longer contributing to more taste satisfaction.


The fruity, mildly sweet, tart character of kombucha triggers the taste receptors on your tongue which leads to going back for more. At L.A, we also often add hop flowers into our drinks to add subtle bitter notes to trip additional taste receptors and give a light dry finish - all leading to a more satisfying tasting journey.

Our Citrus Hops kombucha showcases three hop profiles: citrus, floral and tropical.


The fermentation process of Kombucha gives it a natural depth and complexity which encourages slow sipping rather than speedy drinking. When you pour yourself a glass, you can savour it over a longer period of time and enjoy the end of day ritualism that people often experience with a glass of wine or cocktail.

Try our non-alcoholic kombucha cocktail recipes here.  


The gentle acidity from the organic acids from the fermentation process have the same mouthfeel on the inside of your cheeks as white wine, and with the small bubbles - like a bottle conditioned Champagne.


You can walk away at the end of your evening, knowing you have only improved your wellbeing by consuming some beneficial, gut-friendly cultures, anti-oxidants and organic acids. Find out more about kombucha's health benefits in our Kombucha FAQs.


It just tastes really good!

There are of course other drinks I favour during this time in the evenings. My top 3 (apart from Kombucha) include: Fennel tea with honey, hot chocolate & Ginger Belvoir cordial with sparkling water. Delicious & homely.

Try it for yourself. Stock up on L.A Brewery...

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