Each year, thousands in the U.K. take on the #DryJanuary challenge to go alcohol-free for 31 days. We find it offers an excellent opportunity for our mind & body to reset. To help others feel the same, we have created our 31 Days of Dry January survival calendar. To get the most out of the calendar: Read ahead, stock up on anything you might need for some of the activities, & rearrange to suit your preferences. Enjoy!


Stock up!

Get prepared and order in some alternatives. Order our Month's Supply of Sparkling English Rose & Blush and Citrus Hops and Tropical Ginger.

Make sure you get a few must-have non-alcoholic spirits for mixing. We recommend (and *spoiler* our guide includes recipes using these): Pentire, Three Spirit, Wilfred's, New London Light, Everleaf.

Here are a few of our favourite places to stock up on non-alcoholic drinks: Club Soda Tasting Room (where you can taste before you buy, too!), Sippers, Kombucha Warehouse, Planet Organic, Wholefoods.


Get outdoors

For many, the 2nd of January is the last day of Christmas holidays before returning to work. So, take time to enjoy the daylight outdoors and wonderful winter nature.

Whether it's alone time or with family or friends, make sure you get outside in the shorter days, and don't miss the beautiful seasonal nature that can often go unnoticed! Look out for snowdrops peeking through forest floor, frosty red rosehips, and the early shoots of edible Three Cornered Leeks.

You can read more about how the outdoors and nature can have a positive affect on your wellbeing on mental health charity Mind's website via the link below.


Source: Stanley Tucci Searching For Italy

Watch something new

If you've just finished your first day back at work, you might find yourself craving a reward in the evening - and so you should. We like to channel that feeling into something entertaining and relaxing, like watching a new show. For us foodies at L.A Brewery we love Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy. Plus, this might inspire you for tomorrow...

If you're in the mood for a good binge watch, we also love The White Lotus.

For something more factual - accompanied by incredibly beautiful footage of the natural world - it's always BBC's Our Planet narrated by David Attenborough for us!


Try a new recipe

Get creative in the kitchen and make something seasonal to pair with a glass of sparkling (non-alc).

Inspired by Stanley Tucci, and because we are huge pasta eaters at L.A Brewery, we'd go for something like the Italian classic Pasta Alla Norma.

All you need is a short pasta (we like Rigatoni), tomatoes, aubergine, onion, olive oil, basil and a hard cheese to top. La Cucina Italiana's recipe is a good one to follow.

If you're doing Veganuary you can easily make this recipe vegan by topping with nutritional yeast instead of ricotta salata or parmesan cheese.

Pair with our Sparkling English Blush.


Get mixing...

Thursday might have you craving that almost-end-of-the-week drink and, if you ordered your drinks on the 1st of the month, they should be arriving about now!

Try something simple using ingredients you're likely to have at home. We'd suggest our Marmalade Fizz recipe, a bittersweet & fruity take on a champagne cocktail. All you need is marmalade (we like bitter orange) and our Citrus Hops.

Full recipe available in our 3 Simple Non-Alcoholic Champagne Cocktails article via the link below.


Try a new restaurant

The first Friday of the month - a perfect opportunity for an evening out ahead of the weekend, and not drinking shouldn't hold you back from doing so.

For those in London, we have a list of some of our top places for eating & drinking out when you're not drinking alcohol. We'd recommend starting with Omnom in Angel.

Omnom's menu is a colourful celebration of Eastern cuisine, with a complementary non-alcoholic drinks & cocktail menu. Not only is this a great option for anyone doing veganuary, the restaurant doubles as not-for-profit grass roots community, so you can give-back while you're at it. 

Try the Masala Puri, the Surti Papdi Chaat & our Citrus Hops kombucha (obviously!).


Get active

In our opinion, waking up feeling fresh on a Saturday is a feeling like no other.

Surveys from the beginning of 2022 revealed that the top 3 most popular New Year's resolutions revolved around getting healthier or more active. Today's the perfect day to start (or continue!).

We're partial to a morning run outside to get yourself moving whilst also enjoying some time outdoors. Ellen in our marketing team often plans her routes around searching for the perfect pastry - and we're here for it!

For those who like to use tools for motivation & tracking progress, we'd recommend the NHS Couch to 5k podcast , Strava or Map My Run.


Brew your own kombucha

By now you will have had a taste of kombucha as a replacement for your usual alcoholic tipple, hopefully understanding why we think it's the perfect alternative (read the 6 key reasons why we think this, here).

You might even be craving a supply on tap at home. And with a few simple ingredients and equipment you can get started.

You'll need:
1-2L glass brewing jar
1 teaball strainer or sieve
Close weave cotton cloth
Rubber band
Tea leaves
A SCOBY (culture)

For detailed instructions on the first fermentation, follow the link below.


Keep on fermenting...

Now that you've started your fermentation journey and your kombucha is brewing in the background, continue with your creative and gut-friendly approach to the week with a quicker ferment: Kimchi.

All you need is:
Chinese cabbage, carrots
Spring & yellow onions

White miso

 & Garlic

Sea salt & sugar
Korean red pepper flakes 

For the full recipe, watch Louise's easy recipe reel here.

For more of our favourite fermented foods for gut-health, visit the link below.

DAY 10

Start a new read

10 days in. Nearly a third of the way! Take a moment to reflect on how you're finding it.

We find it useful to introduce a few more stimulating objectives for the rest of the month, such as reading a book or two from your list.

Don't have a list? Here are a couple of our favourites:

For a fictional read: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (now with a film adaptation for you to watch afterwards).

Non-fiction reads:
To help you along your kombucha home-brew journey, it'd be amiss if we didn't recommend Louise's book, 'Kombucha'. 

Tim Spector's 'Food for Life' is also a great read for foodies interested in gut-health.

DAY 11

Try a new cocktail

Hump day calls for a bit of evening mixing. This week, give our Coastal Picante using Pentire non-alc spirit a go. It's fresh and spicy, perfect for slow slipping pre or post dinner.

What you need:
Pentire Adrift
L.A Lemongrass kombucha  
Agave nectar
Fresh chilli

For the full recipe and more, visit our Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Spirits & Cocktail Recipes vis the link below.

DAY 12

Put your kimchi to use

If you made kimchi on Monday, it will be beginning to ferment and ready to start using from today. One of our favourite ways to use kimchi is in a toasted sandwich, and to do so you can follow the simple recipe below.

For something a little more involved, try these delicious Korean Kimchi Pancakes.

To make your toasted sandwich, you need*:
Bread (we like sourdough)
Cheddar cheese

Butter both sides of your bread, layer in the cheese & kimchi. Close. Grill in a toastie machine, oven grill, or pan until the cheese is melted and your bread is golden.

*To make yours vegan, use your best vegan butter & cheese alternatives.

DAY 13

Go out somewhere new

It's the end of the week & #DryJan isn't going to rid you of any Friday rituals. If you're in London, we love a Friday night at one of the Mercato Metropolitano locations for incredible food from around the world, a buzzy atmosphere and a progressive selection of non-alcoholic options.

Our Mercato recommendations:
Steamy & Co for Bao
Rudies for Jerk Caribbean
Non-alcoholic Piña Colada or an L.A Citrus Hops at Ethika drinks bar

Read more about Mercato Metropolitano and our other top spots for drinking out when you're not drinking via the link below.

DAY 14

Create your own cocktail

Use today to recreate your favourite cocktail in non-alcoholic form, or just experiment with your own mixing.

For inspiration we love @Lets_eat_better_together's simple homemade kombucha cocktail recipe below.

Hibiscus Kombucha Cocktail:
1 Part hibiscus tea
2 parts Sparkling English Blush

For further inspiration, take a look at our Simple Non-alcoholic Champagne Cocktails, Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Spirits & Cocktail Recipes and 8 Simple Kombucha Cocktail Recipes.

DAY 15

Treat yourself!

You are half way! Reward yourself. You've probably saved some money, and you deserve to do something that makes you feel good.

We love...

Iris Avenue for nails & beauty
Bodyism for barre & yoga
Pfeffer Sal for L.E.D. light facials
Classpass generally for all your pampering needs

DAY 16

New meal Monday

Start this week with another new recipe & make enough for lunches or subsequent meals in the week where needed.

We’d recommend Anna Jones’ Chilli Miso Ramen for a vegan winter warmer, paired with our citrus hops.

The chilli miso paste is a genius gut-friendly flavour addition to meals, and all you need is:
White Miso
Chilli flakes
Spring onions

Not only will you have made a delicious, wholesome Monday evening meal, but you'll have plenty of the paste for quick use over the next three weeks.

DAY 17

Get creative

When better to try your hand at something new & creative? Make it something eco-friendly and feel even more productive, such as...

Knitting - try a starter pattern

Candle making 

Press leaves, flowers or botanicals for homemade prints

If you've been brewing Kombucha at home, try a second fermentation from Louise's book.

DAY 18

Mid-week mixing

Get the cocktail shaker out and make our zingy Apple & Ginger mojito as a midweek tipple.

You need:
1 part clear apple juice
L.A Tropical Ginger
1 lime
Handful of mint
*Optional: tsp of sugar.

Muddle the mint, apple juice,
lime & optional sugar. Add ice &
Fill a glass with crushed
ice and strain your mixture into the glass.
Top with Tropical Ginger & garnish with mint.

DAY 19

Thirsty Thursday night out

Head out on Thursday evening and treat yourself to dinner and drinks. We love Coppa Club for a clubhouse or member's club feel, with a fantastic non-alcoholic drinks menu and relaxing atmosphere.

The non-alcoholic menu features Lyre's spirit, Trip CBD, our Citrus Hops and plenty of creative takes on favourite cocktails. Sit at the bar, dine at a table or cosy up in the lounge.

DAY 20

Games night

Welcome the weekend with a games night with friends. Create the perfect casual setup with a grazing spread, a selection of non-alc options (i.e. L.A Citrus Hops) and a line-up of games.

Our games recommendations...

For the traditional: Monopoly or Monopoly Deal

For the charades lovers: Obama Llama

For the cards lovers: Cribbage

For without cards or boards: Mafia

DAY 21

Go exploring

Plan that walk, hike or adventure you talk about but can never find the time to do.

A few unique adventures we love:

Visit the pelicans at st. James park in London

Deer spotting at Richmond Park

Walk along the canal

Visit Kew Gardens and enjoy the seasonal garden exhibits

DAY 22

Sunday Brunch

Enjoy a fresh Sunday morning accompanied by a hearty Sunday Brunch.

Our favourite place for Sunday brunch is the eponymous restaurant 'Sunday' in Barnsbury, London. Famous for their epic brioche french toast, you will find cult brunch favourites with their own delicious Sunday twist. We love the courgette fritters with halloumi & Dukkah.

To drink, the virgin spicy bloody mary will go with everything, as will an L.A Brewery kombucha! 

DAY 23

Plan that trip

Nothing like a bit of Monday planning.

Studies have shown that simply planning your next holiday boosts your happiness up to eight weeks before the trip - that's just the motivation we need.

Here's some inspiration from the L.A team...

Madeira, Portugal: for hiking & nature

Madrid, Spain: for incredible museums & delicious food

Or stay a little closer to home and support local...

Cornwall is simply stunning. If you haven't been, we'd recommend a visit for it's coastal glories & beaches

DAY 27

Take away

For the money you’ve probably saved on alcohol... we think you should take a night off cooking & treat yourself to a takeaway.  


We love anything from Dishoom, alongside our Citrus Hops.


If you need help choosing from their extensive menu - we recommend the House Chaat & Keema Pau


DAY 24

Kindness challenge

A little bit of kindness can go a long way.

Brighten someones day by: 


Suprising a friend with flowers 


Leave a nice review  


Call a family member or friend you haven’t spoken to in a little while 

DAY 28

Dinner party

Make the most of your last weekend of #DryJan & host a cosy dinner party for friends.

Have you tried making gnocchi from scratch? It's incomparable to the shop bought stuff.

We love this simple & warming Homemade Harissa & Tomato Gnocchi from mob kitchen.

Pick up a bottle of our Sparkling English Blush or Sparkling English Rose to add a little extra sparkle to the evening.

Did we mention you can get them for 20% OFF in Planet Organic for the month?


DAY 25

Burn's Night

Every year on 25 January, Scotland raises a glass in patriotic celebration of national bard, Robert Burns.

In addition to poetry readings, dancing and piped music, central to the revelry is a hearty supper.

Whether you're Scottish (like our Founder Louise) or not, we think it's a lovely excuse to try something a little different.

BBC Good Food has some classic Burns Night menu ideas which will put you in the mood to celebrate. And for those partaking in #Veganuary, they have a special vegan Burns Night menu for you.


DAY 29

Self care Sunday

Look after yourself & take some time to do you this Sunday.

Go to bed early, light a candle and read your book or watch that tv show with your fav non-alc drinks & snacks.


DAY 26

Thirsty thursday

Try your hand at our non-alcoholic Blood Orange Bellini.

A refreshingly fizzy and tart take on a classic bellini & and a great way to make use of Blood Orange season.


You’ll need: 

2 Blood Oranges

Sparkling English Rose 

Peel and juice the blood oranges. Top with L.A Sparkling English Rose kombucha. Enjoy


DAY 29

Self care Sunday

Look after yourself & take some time to do you this Sunday.

Go to bed early, light a candle and read your book or watch that tv show with your fav non-alc drinks & snacks.


DAY 30

National Croissant Day

National Croissant Day - as if we needed another excuse.

For inspiration in London, check out Lucas Oakley's TikTok - he's on a mission to find the best croissant in London.

Some of our favourites include...

North London: Layla's, Popham's Bakery

Central: Miel Bakery

South London: Aries Bakehouse, Little Bread Pedlar

DAY 31


Keep an eye our Instagram today for a suprise.

We're celebrating making it through January & making sure you're all set for a delicious February.

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