79 percent of Brits said if there was a non-alcoholic drink that had the body and complexity of alcohol, they would drink it.

In a recent survey, we sought to understand the evolving attitudes of Brits towards non-alcoholic alternatives. Surveying 2000 participants, the results shed light on a nuanced perspective, emphasising flavour, moderation, and balance.

34 percent of participants claim complete sobriety, while an additional 25 percent identify as "sober curious," considering the idea of reducing their alcohol intake. Motivations for this shift include prioritising physical health (46 percent), saving money (34 percent), mental health (27 percent), and the aspiration to be a better person (13 percent).

Fermented Flavour Alternatives: The New Wave

A significant 79 percent express a desire for non-alcoholic drinks that mirror the body and complexity of alcoholic drinks. The study indicates a growing interest in tea-based alternatives, such as kombuchas, sparkling teas, and botanical blends, which offer sophistication rarely found in traditional soft drinks.

Navigating A Drinking Culture

Weddings emerged as the most challenging event to remain sober at (43 percent), followed by dinner parties (31 percent), after-work drinks (20 percent), and Sunday lunch (12 percent).

Almost one in ten (8 percent) said they would stop drinking alcohol or cut back if they found the right non-alcoholic option, while 8 percent feel there is a lack of decent non or low alcoholic drinks to choose from.

Waking up hangover-free is celebrated by 72 percent of respondents, reflecting positive lifestyle changes accompanying the shift towards moderation and balance.

Expert Testimonials

The shift towards fermented drinks is not only reflected in consumer preferences but also recognised by key publications and experts in the field. Renowned wine critic Jane Mac Quitty from The Times applauds our Sparkling English Blush, describing it as "surprisingly wine-like. It works." Meanwhile, The Telegraph highlights sparkling tea as the go-to choice for wine professionals seeking a non-alcoholic alternative to Champagne, calling it a "beautiful drink." Alice Lascelles from The Financial Times notes, "Tea-based drinks often have a wine-like acidity and tannin that makes them great for food-matching. And the range of styles is huge."


In a recent roundup of health drinks focused on gut health in The Times, L.A Brewery Ginger kombucha received an exceptional score of 5/5. The review highlights the unique taste attributed to our fermentation process. As the article suggests, "This is a great choice for your gut, with probiotic cultures and no discernible negatives. Who needs wine?"

This survey is more than a snapshot of changing drinking habits; it's a testament to the growing demand for non-alcoholic options that replicate the complexity found in alcoholic drinks. 

Our motivation at L.A Brewery is to offer a healthy and abundant drink that matches what people might miss from alcohol. We have fallen in love with natural fermentation as it enables us to create additional layers of taste and flavour (floral and citrus notes, light sweetness and acidity as well as viscosity) whilst also enhancing the health properties of the raw ingredients - in our case the naturally occurring polyphenols from the tea that are multiplied during fermentation. We create drinks for daily home rituals and for social occasions so that no-one is missing out.