Sober October or not, this month at L.A we're celebrating balance and embracing self-care. 

Balance for me is to ensure I get enough sleep, exercise and downtime – which in turn really helps me with the business, especially creativity.

My own basic self-care routine revolves around Pilates, walking (in Victoria Park) & herbal tea – I go to Tempo Pilates in Hackney 3x a week, I try to walk around Victoria Park at Golden Hour when possible, and drink multiple cups of nettle, fennel and mint tea from midday.  

One of the most restorative things is if I am in Somerset at this time of year, is to wander into the fruit orchards and grab & cook any ripe fruit.  Think stewed/baked apples with cinnamon and nutmeg in the afternoon. 


In Sussex this weekend, I found a quince tree and we've made some jelly from it with rosehips and rosewater – I find it meditative. We'll be sharing the recipe on our Instagram and in our newsletter next week. It is the most delicious thing I've made recently, and it promises to be the perfect companion to your 'wine' and cheese board this festive season.



When in London, the weekend farmers markets have an incredible selection of seasonal fruit too, or you can forage your own.  

Rosehips are in abundance along the canal path from Hackney Marshes to Hackney Wick. 


Two of my favourite wellness brands are Pott Candles and Pai Skincare (a fellow B Corp). To celebrate self-care this month, we're teaming up to give you the chance to win a beautiful self-care package. L.A champagne and rosé alternatives, a candle from Pott and skincare from Pai. You can enter here.