It's no secret that toasts, aperitifs, and evening libations are staples of the festive season in the UK. However, what if we told you we have a welcome twist to this classic script?

This year, we’re embracing British traditions with a twist. We've swapped out traditional alcohol moments for creative non-alcoholic alternatives at every turn, ensuring your festive celebrations can be enjoyed by everyone.

And we have ideas festive activities that are a little bit different from your usual holiday traditions…


1. Morning After A Big Night Out

The morning after a big night out can be a bit of a struggle for many, especially when the festivities ran late into the night. Rather than resorting to hair-of-the-dog remedies – we have something much better.

JAMU shot mixed with some L.A Citrus Hops for a mid-morning boost -  paired with scrambled eggs or scrambled tofu (and turmeric) with our favourite crispy chilli in oil for a soothing tummy remedy.

An Indonesian drink, the Jamu is known for it's immune-boosting properties. Main ingredients turmeric and ginger cover an array of benefits from anti-inflammatory to digestive - and they taste so good together.



1 cup fresh turmeric
1/2 cup fresh ginger
1L water
1/2 cup honey
Juice of 2 limes


Peel and slice your ginger & turmeric before blending together with a little water to loosen the mixture.
Heat the mixture in a saucepan and simmer for 15 minutes.
Strain over a muslin.
Add your lime juice and honey. Stir to dissolve and leave to cool. 
Keep refrigerated and use within a week.


    2. Slow Afternoons

    Wine and chocolate often make their appearance during those leisurely afternoons, adding an extra layer of coziness to the festive season.


    A glass of Sparkling English Rose & Pump Street chocolate (we are currently on Maple Pecan bar)  with a book/or a boxset. If you haven’t watched it yet, we recommend Bear.


    3. Xmas Aperitif


    Nothing beats a cheese board. Our special recommendation is Fen Farm’s Baron Bigot with our Quince and Rosehip Jelly.

    Paired with Sparkling English Blush – perfect for the golden hour.



    Make Christmas Crackers

    If you have some lovely free time in the lead up to Christmas you could make your own Crackers – we really love this blog post from Artemis Russell on the Isle of Wight from a few years back.

    Forage for your Christmas Decorations

    Holly Berries & Mistletoe are usually abundant in the countryside.  You might need to ask permission before taking any from a private hedgerow!  Mistletoe can expensive when you buy it in the city, but most orchard owners are keen to get rid of it as it can damage the fruit trees that it grows on so will willingly let you take your fill.

    Forage for your post Christmas medicinal boost.

     Rosehip Cordial

    All of the winter berries tend to be rich in Vitamin C (nature’s way of protecting your immune system through the cold season).  Some rosehips will still be perfectly ripe for picking and we recommend a simple recipe like this one.


    Gift Ideas


    These LSA glasses and our Mixed Case of Sparkling English Blush & Sparkling English Rose.

    Happy Sipping.